I make honest pictures of regular life, looking for moments often missed or hidden from view, bridging the gap between expectation and reality. Life’s imperfections and grit are what I find the most interesting when creating visual narratives.

The everyday of Louie Nelson was walking the ice outside Kotzebue, Alaska, to look for where to drill a hole. The everyday of his wife Lulu was to clean and cook the Sheefish he brought home from the ice. The everyday of Sigrid Ekran meant feeding 40 dogs breakfast high up in the Norwegian mountainside. Then she fed herself. Everywhere there’s everyday and everywhere it’s different. I lived with Louie and Lulu, I lived with Sigrid, and their stories live forever in my photographs. However, what they taught me on living slow and well live forever in my mindset.

I’m drawn to the dusty corners of the everyday and look for ways to photograph the intangible that hide there. In my project Learning To Speak Bear I invite you into my own experience as a mother, an exploration of the mental loads of raising children. Photography is how I’ve processed the metamorphosis motherhood can be and it has helped me learn to read the quietly loud languages of my children’s bodies. This work is about childhood told from the mother’s point of view and will be published as a book by Yoffy Press in the fall of 2022.

I am currently working on photographs communicating loss of cultural immersion and language. This work is influenced by my own experiences as a Norwegian in North America, blending in but always slightly off-key.

I have a BA in Journalism, an MPhil in Visual Cultural Studies and am a member of Women Photograph.

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Kristine Nyborg

Kristine Nyborg is a Norwegian photojournalist based out of Ottawa, Canada.
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